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Sparkling Logic provides a market leading Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Management as a Service offering that addresses the key hurdles faced by decision practitioners:

  • Decision requirements management –Pencil
    Decisions may be harvested during the requirements gathering phase. SMARTS provides the Pencil feature based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN), that allows business analyst to capture the decisions, their structure, and their data requirements early in the project phases. All the captured information may directly be used in the decision implementation phases through SMARTS.
  • Decision and Business Rules Elicitation –RedPen™ and Fluid Metaphors
    Writing an IF-THEN-ELSE statement is not the most difficult part of a Decision Management project; coming up with the decisioning logic is. Sparkling Logic has developed a patented approach, called RedPen™, which speaks to the business users without the need for rules modeling. Business analysts may also use decision tables, trees, graphs as well as lookup models and plain syntactic rules to express the decision logic.
  • Data-driven decision extraction –BluePen™
    A lot of information is captured in the data gathered by the enterprise. Sparkling Logic provides the BluePen capability in SMARTS which allows analysts to leverage machine learning algorithms to extract those insights from the data directly into the decisions.
  • Decision Analytics and Decision Performance Improvement
    Change in itself does not ensure Improvement. Decision Management technologies provide agility; Sparkling Logic adds a Performance-Driven focus to it, leveraging business data and analytics in context at authoring time. Statistics and performance monitors keep the expert user on top of the Key Performance Indicators that matter for real improvement.
  • Collaborative & Social Decision Support
    All assets created and changed during the lifecyle of the decisions are managed within a multi-tenant, multi-user repository. All changes are versioned and an audti trail accessible by all business analysts is created. Users may also assign work to each other with all the relevant exchange information tracked.